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We're on a Mission to Make Destination Imagination Big in Texas

Destination Imagination's mission is a bold one.  It seeks to develop the next generation of leaders and innovators with a powerful academic program that emphasizes creativity and critical thinking through project-based learning.  Its seven STEM-based challenges encourage kids to think independently and creatively as a team to research, design and present a solution to their chosen challenge at our Central Texas Regional Competition.  The top teams advance to the state level and compete for a chance to participate in Destination Imagination's Global Finals. 

Central Texas DI is a non-profit organization.  We are seeking funding for various aspects of the DI program here in Central Texas.  If you or your company would like to help DI reach more students in San Antonio and the surrounding counties through a tax-deductible contribution, we'd love to tell you more about how DI is making a difference for kids in Central Texas.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many areas in which our program can use your help, and we feel it is important that you fund an aspect that is important to you.

Technology Upgrades - $500

Technology is ever changing, meaning our software for our score room computers
needs to be updated regularly. We also use high amounts of printer ink, and run
through laptop batteries rather quickly. The more equipped our technology is, the
better we can serve our teams.

Workshop Funding - $2,000

The various workshops we provide for our teams come at a price. We need help
covering the cost of presentation materials and presenter fees, so that all students
wishing to participate, can do so regardless of their economic status. Our workshops
include education in fine arts, technology, engineering, architecture, and critical and
analytical thinking.

New Team Scholarships - $1,500

We're on a mission to grow DI in Central Texas.  To encourage participation and make the program as affordable as possible for first-time teams, we are seeking funding to create a team scholarship program to allow us to reduce or waive the registration cost for new teams forming in our region. 

Program Development - $3,000

Each year, our region sends representatives to the Global Destination Imagination
Ignite Workshop where they learn about the direction the program is going in the
future. Our representative come back with the programs with ideas and information
for trainings and workshops.

Central Texas Region Tournament Costs - $5,000

Each Spring we host our regional tournament and costs add up. We need funding for
various aspects of the tournament from t-shirts and meals for our volunteer appraisers
to the stipend we to give to our host school to help with the facility’s expenses.

Support for Teams Competing at Global Finals - $10,000

Texas Central Region continues to be successful in the Destination Imagination
program sending more and more teams to the global competition in Knoxville,
Tennessee each May, but traveling to and competing at Global Finals is costly. We want
to help our teams defray some of the cost of the global competition.

Scholarships for Graduating Seniors - $10,000

Texas Central Region is so proud each year of our graduating seniors and elite schools
they go on to attend. We feel it is important to support them as they continue their
education beyond Destination Imagination.


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