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If your team is part of a Destination Imagination program sponsored by a school district, please coordinate with your school's DI representative before purchasing a team number.  Many schools sponsor teams and cover the cost of purchasing a DI team number.  Destination Imagination offers volume discounts for purchase of 5 or more team numbers.

If you plan to compete in the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament, you will need to obtain a team number.  Purchasing a team number registers your team for the DI program at the regional level.  Teams that advance to the state affiliate tournament or to Global Finals do not need to purchase an additional team number; however, there is a separate registration process at both the state and Global Finals for teams that advance.  For now, we'll focus on getting your team registered to compete at the Central Texas DI Regional Tournament.


When you purchase your team number, you will be provided with a copy of the DI program materials.  This includes the 2017-2018 Challenge you selected with the information your team will use to understand what's required in their challenge.  Also included are The Roadmap, a guide for team manager's to plan their team meetings and prepare their team for competition and The Rules of the Road which explains the rules of competition, scoring, interference, safety and other vital information to ensure your team's success. 

For more information on the registration process and team number purchase, click here.  

Purhcase your 2017-2018 Team Number

at the Destination Imagination store.

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