Team Manager Reminders

It's the final countdown!!!! Last minute practices! Finishing touches on props and back drops! Do they remember their lines? Lets do  one more instant challenge. Have you started your paper work? Are you feeling the burn? 😉

Tournament Day, Saturday, Feb. 17 - A Celebration of Creativity!!!


Just a few reminders for you.....

1. Pin trading is back again this year for the regional tournament. You may want your team members to bring a hand towel to attach their pins, so they can display them.

2. Grab bags of past pins will be for sale at the Dime Store for only $5! This will be an opportunity for new pin traders to get started, and experienced pin traders to grow their collection. 

3. This year's Mythical Creature pins come in a set, 4 for $10. They will be available at registration Friday night. You might want to bring money and purchase them ahead of time for your team. 

4. Extra Regional shirts will be available at the Dime Store for $18.00. Teams advancing to state must have Regional shirts. There will be no reorder, shirts can be purchased at the Dime Store. There is a limited supply, if your size is no longer available, you may have to purchase a shirt that is close to your size or borrow a shirt from a friend. 

5. Don't forget your celebration gear for the Award Ceremony! Have a terrific day!