Tournament Safety Guidelines

1. All team members must wear shoes or foot coverings with reasonably impenetrable soles at all times.

2. A team may not use lasers or laser pointers. The team cannot use any type of light that produces a high intensity beam of light which may cause danger to eyes. The team may not turn off or dim the lights.

3. The use of the following is prohibited: silly string, helium, dry ice, smoke and fog machines.

4. A team may NOT use devices or substances which produce an open flame or extreme heat or cold at any time while on campus. Extreme heat or cold is defined as temperatures that can cause damage to bare skin. These devices are NOT allowed: lit candles, caps, combustion engines, fire extinguishers, fires, fireworks of all types, flammable fuels, "party poppers,' smoke bombs, sparklers, or substances that explode in any way.

5. No live animals may be used as any part of a team solution.

6. Only unmodified, commercially-available batteries are allowed. Any battery that can spill liquids or materials when tipped is prohibited.

7. Circuits that use Direct Current (DC) cannot exceed 28VDC between any 2 exposed points in a circuit. Current limiting devices such as fuses or circuit breakers are required when a DC circuit will draw more than 10 Amps and must be placed between the power source and the devices using the power.

8. Circuits that use alternating current (AC) cannot exceed 120VAC for any exposed connection. A Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) must be used for all team created or modified circuits. A GFI must be used for all solutions drawing more than 1000 Watts of power. Note: GFIs are exempt from cost.

9. No weapons of any kind, benign or otherwise, are allowed on campus. This includes paintball guns, BB guns, and air rifles.

10. No gratuitous violence is allowed as part of a team solution or at any time on campus.

11. No aerosols (Shaving Cream, Spray paint, Hairspray, etc.) may be used during a performance.