Important Information for 2019-2020 Registration


Registration Deadlines


Regular registration deadline:  12/13/2019

Late registration deadline:  1/10/2020


How to register:


Quick Instructions

Step 1: Purchase your 2019-2020 Team Number here.  


Step 2: Log in to the Resource Area using that team number to view all challenges.

Step 3: Select your final challenge, the one your team will solve for competition.  You will receive a digital copy of your challenge. 


Step 4: Register your team on the Texas DI website.

Detailed Instructions


 Step 1: Purchase your 2019-2020 Team Number.

Schools purchasing in bulk would still do so but then distribute the team numbers to the team manager and let them follow the remaining steps.


Step 2: Team Managers can log in to the Resource Area and use their team number to review the full Team Challenge by selecting the Challenge and the team’s competition level.


Teams may change their selection to review a different Challenge at any time and as many times necessary to make a final Challenge selection. (Teams can even print the challenges each time they view them)

Step 3: Once a team has decided on their preferred Challenge, the Team Manager must make sure that the final Challenge selected in the Resource Area is the one their team plans to solve for the purpose of competing in a tournament.

  • In addition to gaining digital access to the final Challenge selected, purchasers will gain immediate digital access to Rules of the Road and Roadmap.  

    • What’s Included once the final challenge is selected?

      • A digital copy of the Program Materials 

      • Quick Start Guide

      • 1 Team Challenge

      • Roadmap Book: Guide for Team Managers

      • Rules of the Road Book


Step 4: FINAL STEP: Register your team on the Texas DI website ( Here you will enter your team member information, challenge and level for the regional tournament. You will be asked to pay the regional tournament fee and provide the name and email for ONE APPRAISER that will attend our appraiser training on 1/25/20 or 2/1/20 and the regional tournament held on 2/29/20 at O' Connor High School in San Antonio. .